CBI values volunteer work and we still try to do more despite the pandemic.

In 2021, 275 participants have reached out to 71 organizations and participated in 117 events with over 1000 hours served. We contributed to 15 categories of beneficiaries including elderlies, homeless people, disabled and children.

We appreciate the kindness and effort of our colleagues, and we will continue to help more people in needs and give back the society in the future.


29 Oct, 2020
CBI Dress Casual Day- Fulfilling CSR Under Restriction Order

CBI has participated in the annual Dress Causal Day as usual. The number of colleagues joining this year has soared to a record level. It is grateful to see everyone working together and assist others who are struggling.

Restriction order under the pandemic period has not hindered our kindness. On the contrary, CBI commits to supporting vulnerable groups, promoting charitable spirit, making contributions to the community.

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22 Dec, 2019
CBI Volunteer Work – Winter Solstice Elderly Visit

CBI Volunteer Team visited the elderly who are living by themselves and have mobility difficulties in the Sau Mau Ping area this winter solstice, giving out bags of rice and daily necessities.

A lively atmosphere was present during the visit, having had many smiles on the elderly's faces. With blessings and love, CBI hopes to bring warmth and care to the elderly throughout the wintery days.

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13 Dec, 2019
CBI Give Blood Day 2019

CBI continues to donate blood at Hong Kong Red Cross on Christmas Eve this year, giving back to the society this Christmas with a meaningful gift.

Spread joy by helping others. There's no replacement for blood. A single blood donation can help at least 3 patients! Let's "Share Life, give blood"!

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7 Dec, 2019
CBI Volunteer Team – Kwai Shing West Estate “Peer Friends Program” Christmas Party

Santa Claus is coming to town...

Our CBI Volunteer Team was split into teams to join two different activities host by different organizations.

One of the teams went to Kwai Shing West Estate with the Urban Peacemaker to play games and celebrate Christmas with the residents from the neighbourhood.

We also shared with them the pictures taken from the previous biscuit sticks making activity at Okashi Galleria. It was great to see everyone again!

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7 Dec, 2019
CBI Volunteer Work – Visiting Ng Ka Tsuen Doggies Home

Ng Ka Tsuen Doggies Home has taken in over 100 dogs that were abandoned, abused and homeless.

With the instruction from the person in charge, CBI Volunteer Team came here this time to help deep clean the living and activity space of the dogs, and then took them out for a walk and play.

Our volunteers noticed that the dogs were still nervous around people. Maybe because the trauma they had suffered was severe, even after hours of playing time, they still haven’t shown signs of being happy. We believe that they will get better when such experience is accumulated.

We hope to help them feel loved and happy again in the next visit.

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7 Dec, 2019
CBI Volunteer Team – Friends of Nam Sang Wai Christmas Party

Cool weather is best for outing~

Our CBI volunteers and the Salvation Army went on an outing outside of Kowloon with a group of 150 friends for the first time in Nam Sang Wai!

We tasted the food from the farms, watched the birds fly, and took pictures of wonderful sceneries and people. Everyone went home happily.

Also, we congratulate 9 of our colleagues who were awarded volunteer appreciation certificates by the Salvation Army for reaching 20 hours of participation in volunteer services for the elderly in 2019.

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1 Dec, 2019
CBI Volunteer Work – assisting in the stage and correlation of the 5th "Link of Volunteers – Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan – Spreading Love – Sign Language Song Interpretation Contest"

The 5th "Link of Volunteers – Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan – Spreading Love – Sign Language Song Interpretation Contest" was hosted by Link of Volunteers, one of the projects from the series “Sign Language for all Hong Kong 2019”, which encourages friends from all walks of life to learn sign language and work with people with disabilities, promote sign language to different levels, and exert the spirit of interaction and love.

Colleagues from Business Hub were in action again to support large scale community programs, assisting in the stage and correlation work, demonstrate the spirit of group service, and advocating the power of love that "integrates the disables and healthy, communicates without boundaries".

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In 2018, CBI put a lot of efforts on CSR activities for our society.

We have served a total of 106 social welfare institutions, involved 210 events, of which 93% was spontaneous participation by our colleagues. We appreciate everybody’s efforts and contributions to those in need in Hong Kong.

We are proud to share our works here and we are committed to work together and contribute more to the society in the future!