2 Apr 2021
"Going A Million Miles with Integrity": CBI Invited to Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group

At the "Going A Million Miles with Integrity" seminar event

On March 30, 2021, the Guangdong Credit Association organised the "Going A Million Miles with Integrity" seminar event, which was hosted by the Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group Co at their premises. Zhang Hongli, the executive vice president and secretary-general of the association; Liu Jingrong, vice-chair of the association and vice president of Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd; Ye Jun, general manager of Huifa Big Data Information Service (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd; Zhou Xianghui, vice president of CITIC Bank (Guangzhou Branch), and 25 other business representatives attended the event. As a representative of the credit services agency industry, Central Business Information Limited (CBI) was invited to the event, to give a speech on “Enterprise Credit Risk Assessment” by sharing typical case studies.

Business delegates visiting the Dashenlin Culture Gallery

The event aims to implement the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, and the provincial government’s decisions on the construction of a social credit system. By fostering the establishment of a social credit system and providing credit risk management training services for businesses, we could share knowledge of existing credit policy and general know-how on credit management, to enhance the awareness of credit risk control and improve the level of credit risk management in businesses. As the level of management is improved across the market, the market’s operation will be standardised, and a good business ecology and network of reliable businesses can be formed.

Business delegates visiting the logistics centre at the Dashenlin Group headquarters

In a keynote speech titled "Enterprise Credit Risk Assessment", Zhu Guangyu, the Director of the Business Development Department at CBI, elaborated on the credit compliance risk, enterprise recruitment risk, and accounts receivable risk faced by businesses in the process of development. He also presented specific case studies and proposed applicable risk control solutions. Mr. Zhu said that enterprises should establish and improve their credit risk management framework, and strengthen the entire risk control process, classify the risk of their business partners, and identify the risk categories it is facing, to take effective measures to mitigate such risks.

Mr. Zhu Guangyu, Director of the Business Development Department at CBI,
delivering a keynote speech

Mr. Chen Liangliang, Director of the Risk Control Center at Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group also shared his philosophy on integrity management. At the end of the speech, the business delegates in attendance participated in a lively discussion on ways to enhance the awareness of enterprise credit risk control, reinforce the relevance and effectiveness of enterprise credit risk management, drawing references to their personal experience. At the end of the discussion, they reached a consensus that "safeguarding enterprise credit is essentially safeguarding the survival of the business".

As a prominent business information company in the Asia-Pacific region, CBI has been committed to providing professional, efficient and reliable business solutions for reputable businesses enterprises at home and abroad, abroad since its establishment 25 years ago. The company has always adhered to its mission of "pursuing the truth, building trust", and it has been integrating this value into its service offerings - ranging from corporate compliance audit, corporate credit investigation, due diligence, employee background check, etc. It combines online and offline services to provide credit reports, risk data, negative history records, field audits, and other findings for our clients. CBI has helped many large enterprises in mitigating the credit risks in their business operations effectively, and thereby facilitates businesses to create more value; the company has been well recognised in society for its contributions to development.

Mr. Zhu Guangyu, Director of the Business Development Department at CBI,
sharing the enterprise risk control solutions offered

Corporate credit is an important cornerstone of the market economy, and the establishment of the social credit system is conducive to fostering the establishment of an open, competitive and orderly market system. In the future, CBI will continue to adapt to the changes in the relevant policy, as it upholds the spirit of integrity, to help clients in improving their competitiveness through an enhanced corporate credit history. Through corporate governance that adheres to compliance, we can help instil integrity in the entire operation and business development of clients, and in turn, support the progress and development of the market.


17 Jan 2020
CBI Acknowledged at HR Service Provider Awards Again

Announcement of Winners at the "2019 China BOLE" Awards

CBI Receives 2019 "China BOLE" HR Service Provider Special Prize
For Outstanding Background Investigation Service Provider

China BOLE Awards Selection & Judging Process

The "China BOLE" awards are an annual selection of employer brands and human resources initiated by Enfovia, the top human resources membership club in China.

The selection process of the "2019 China BOLE" series of awards lasted for three months; the judging committee evaluated the materials obtained and conducted field research after submissions from businesses are received. The selection criteria are followed closely, to identify key businesses in human resources management, innovation, employer brands, projects, services, and technology that best represent the elites of the human resources industry.

After various rounds of selection, Central Business Information Limited (CBI) stood out from the competition of over 120 businesses and 200 human resources service providers. This is a testimony of CBI’s expertise as a background investigation agency, and also reflects the acknowledgement and support of our industry partners.


5 Jun 2019
"New Era, New Policy, New Dynamics": the 2019 China Human Resource Management Summit (Hangzhou) Co-organised by CBI

On the afternoon of May 31, the “2019 China Human Resource Management Summit (Hangzhou)" opened in Hangzhou's Zhonghao International Hotel, with the theme of "New Era, New Policy, New Dynamics". The event was supervised by the Jianggan District Bureau of Human Resources & Social Security, hosted by, and co-organised by Central Business Information Limited (CBI), eRoad Software,, and The most influential and innovative human resources firms in China gathered at the summit to discuss the development of the industry and explore the future of the human resources sector together.

01 HR elites gracing the event, drawing the blueprint for development

The summit was divided into two key segments: the keynote speech and roundtable forum, where the guests analysed and discussed the current situation and future development trends in the human resources industry.

Ms. Wang Jianying, Deputy Director of the Jianggan District Human Resources & Social Security Bureau; Mr. Tian Jianqing, head of the talent section of the Jianggan District Human Resources & Social Security Bureau; Ms. Zheng Xia, President of Zhigu Human Resources Association and Vice President of Xizi Elevator’s Technology Engineering Center; Ms. Liao Xuping, Vice President of Human Resources for; Mr. Chen Hongfei, assistant President and Director of the Product Development Department of; Mr. Dai Zhen, Director of Smart Salary Consultancy, and other guests were invited to the event.

The forum opened with a speech by Ms. Wang Jianying, Deputy Director of the Jianggan District Human Resources & Social Security Bureau. She mentioned in her speech that, "The human resources structure in the new era is constantly changing, and under the impetus of new government strategies such as policies on the stabilising of employment, the Hangzhou economy has been injected with great momentum. As a leader in the human resource service industry, focuses on empowering human resources through technology, as it continues to build innovative, collaborative, open, and shared human resource platforms, to contribute to the development of China’s human resources industry."

Ms. Liao Xuping, Vice President of Human Resources for, then took the stage as the representative of the host and organiser. She discussed the changes in the human resources market framework construction from the perspective of reforms on the supply-side, and she also expressed her hopes to work together with the various industry partners present to drive the momentum for China’s economic development through the field of human resources.

In the next segment on keynote speech, the guests each gave a speech on a specialised theme or topic. Mr. Dai Zhen, a director from Smart Salary Consultancy, shared his insights in his keynote address on “How to determine job salaries in an era of information transparency."

Mr. Chen Hongfei, Assistant President and Director of the Product Development Department at, then gave a keynote speech on “New Models for Human Capital Management for Enterprises”, in which he explored the new human capital framework from three perspectives: the challenges faced by businesses, connecting and empowering the demand and the market ecology, and new forms of enterprise human resources solutions.

02 Roundtable forum for elites, discussion on reforms and change

The theme of the roundtable forum was: Exploring the changing trends of new staffing models. And four speakers, namely Mr. Chen Hongfei, Assistant President and Director of the Product Development Department of; Mr. Ouyang Zelin, Founder and CEO of Hiring Trends New Media; Mr. Dai Zhen, a director from Smart Salary Consultancy; and Ms. Zheng Xia, the Vice President of Xizi Elevator's Technology Engineering Center took turns to share their insights on the payroll research, internal changes, and the practical applications of new employment model in various scenarios. The roundtable forum gave a platform for the speakers to discuss the potential of further development and changes in the local human resources industry.

The 2019 China Human Resources Management Summit (Hangzhou) injected fresh ideas and vitality into the human resources industry. This is not just an offline networking event, but also a collaborative exploration of the challenges and changes in the industry in this new era.

It must be mentioned that in the context of China's fast-paced economic development, against the backdrop of dynamics between the old and the new, the human resources industry is also undergoing a period of rapid growth, which could potentially be a double-edged sword.

Hiring Risks

Human resources personnel often utilises a lot of manpower and resources during the recruitment and interview process. If the candidates were deceitful, a great deal of time and labour costs would be wasted. Similar risks are also present when businesses enter investments. Therefore, employee background checks, corporate credit checks, compliance audits, due diligence audits, field audits and other verification plays an important part in the development of any business.

03 Choose CBI to boost your business development

As one of the co-organisers of this forum, CBI carefully explained its key services and development history to the guests present. Many human resources personnel shared their inquiries at the event, and CBI was well-received by the various human resources elites in attendance. CBI has networked with many in the audience after rounds of in-depth discussions.

As a partner to assist human resources practitioners in controlling recruitment risks, CBI is equipped with over 20 years of experience in identifying hiring risks in the workplace. Such experiences are also a key factor that the business taps into as it serves its diverse range of clients.

CBI provides professional, efficient and reliable business solutions to reputable companies at home and abroad. As it continues to lead the industry through reforms and progress, it has won over a dozen prestigious industry awards in recent years, and has also become a reliable partner for human resources practitioners in major corporations.

The massive Chinese recruitment market and the influx of educated talents have established the indispensable position of the human resources industry. CBI, with its core service philosophy of mitigating risks while establishing trust and integrity, will continue working with industry partners to forge ahead and contribute to the development of China's human resources industry.