1 Dec 2021
"To expand and to strengthen, we are expanding to Malaysia!"

CBI Malaysia, a new research centre to provide country knowledge and cultural insights across our cohesive service network in SEAP/PAC countries.

CBI is excited to announce the opening of our Penang office on 1 December, 2021.

The new research centre provides due diligence and compliance check services, expanding our in-house language coverage and country expertise, as well as enhancing our service quality with local investigation and global network to better serve our clients.

With ongoing overseas expansion, we will strengthen our service capabilities across the globe and continue to support our mission of minimizing risk and building trust.


25 Dec 2020
HR Annual Purchasing Guide | CBI Recognised at the 2020 HREC Solution Providers Value Awards

The winners for the various categories of the China Human Resources Solution Providers Awards were announced on December 22, 2020. Central Business Information (CBI) was recognised as a top "2020 China Employees Background Check HR Screening & Selection Service Provider" by the organiser of the award, Human Resource Excellence Center (HREC).

In the past 24 years, CBI has dedicated itself to the professional field of background investigation. The company has garnered a wealth of professional experience while solving problems for the HR industry, leveraging on its outstanding influence and pursuit of quality service. This award from HREC is a testament to CBI’s continual hard work and commitment.

1. Evaluation & Selection Criteria

HREC selected the top businesses in each service segment on the principles of fairness, impartiality, and transparency. A rigorous methodology and professional attitude were instrumental in the selection process of the Solution Providers Value Awards, which is highly esteemed for its fair and stringent approach. The strict control along every step of the evaluation has allowed HREC to produce this authoritative and credible list of award winners.

2. Introduction to the List of Recipients

This list of award winners is the fruits of the labour of HREC, and it is the result of the four rounds of evaluation for the Solution Providers Value Awards. HREC has divided the China Human Resources Solution Providers Value Awards into 31 unique categories according to service categories and niche. This year, a total of 188 companies were recognised on the list. The list is not only an acknowledgement of the outstanding vendors in the industry, it has now become an annual guide that HR professionals turn to when selecting vendors to work with. The categories on the list also offer a macro view of the development of the HR industry, and the development of the solution providers in the respective niche areas. The categories are also a close reflection of HR professionals' process and practices during the procurement of services and products.

The competition attracted the participation of hundreds of leading HR service providers, and HREC conducted extensive research on the supervisors and HR executives from a total of 2212 businesses on the clients' side. The service offerings, market position, and service quality of the participating companies were evaluated along three dimensions: reputation, market share, and brand recommendation. CBI is deeply honoured to receive this prestigious award in the face of such strong competition.

Along with today’s digital era, in the time of the pandemic with work-from-home arrangements becoming more commonplace, remote recruitment and flexible staffing have become increasingly frequent. In its capacity as a professional third-party background investigation company, CBI has adapted its strategy to move with the times, developing online services to serve its background checks functions, as it continues to uphold enterprise credibility and trust. The company plays an irreplaceable role in fostering a positive staffing environment. The CBI brand continues to be synonymous with its mission statement: "to mitigate employment risks and establishing workplace integrity".

Image/Source: HREC

This accolade is not just a nod of approval from an influential judging panel, but it also reflects the recognition and trust from CBI's diverse range of customers. In the upcoming year, CBI will continue to forge ahead, lead through innovation, and remain customer-centric as it continues to thrive in the field of background investigation. The company will continue to introduce efficient and smart background check services, and work hand in hand with its clients as we navigate the road to success.


20 Dec 2019
HR Annual Purchasing Guide | CBI ranked on the list of Top 10 China Background Check Service Providers for 2019!

The China HR Supplier Value Awards list was released on December 19, 2019, and Central Business Information Limited (CBI) was ranked on the "2019 China Background Check Service Organisations Top 10 List" by Human Resource Excellence Centre (HREC).

CBI has been in the professional field of background checks for the past 20 years, and with its dedicated and excellent services, it has accumulated a wealth of experience while solving problems for the human resources sector. Its inclusion on the list today is an acknowledgement of CBI’s past achievements.

1. Selection & Judging Criteria

In the selection and judging process of the Supplier Value Awards, HREC selected the top companies in each category on the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness, using a rigorous methodology and professional attitude. The selection process is the best endorsement for the credibility of the list. Through the strict selection process, HREC was able to produce this reputable and persuasive list.

2. Introduction to the List

The list was created by HREC, and was born from the summary of results during the four supplier value awards evaluation rounds held by HREC in 2019. Service providers are divided into 29 sub-categories according to service categories and scenarios, with 158 companies evaluated on the list. The list is not only recognition of outstanding suppliers in the industry, but it has also become an annual guide for human resources professionals to select suppliers from. The categorised lists give a broader view on the development of suppliers in the various service areas and fields, and also reflect the actual service and product procurement process for human resources professionals.

The competition attracted hundreds of leading human resources service providers, and HREC conducted research on key decision-makers and HR executives from 2,300 client-side businesses in total. The market recognition, market share, and brand recommendation is analysed to evaluate the participating firms’ product quality and industry standing. CBI is honoured to be selected from such a strict evaluation process.

In the digital era today, background check is no longer an unfamiliar process, and most businesses will conduct pre-employment screening on the candidates’ background. In some companies, background checks are conducted on all their staff. As a professional third-party background check specialist, CBI plays an irreplaceable role in serving the human resources industry. "Mitigating employment risks and establishing integrity in the workplace" has always been synonymous with CBI's commitment to its important work.

This time, CBI was not only recognized by a credible judging and evaluation organisation, but the results also reflected the recognition and trust of our clients. CBI will continue to forge ahead in the future, as we remain focused on our clients’ needs, dedicate ourselves to the field of background checks, and provide more quality services to our clients.

13 Dec 2019
Grand Finale | CBI Continues Empowering Transformation through Human Resources in the 5G Era

CBI at the event venue

On December 20, China's leading human resources media platform TopHR held the "2019 China Annual Conference on Human Resource Strategic Management" in Beijing. The theme of the conference this year was "Looking Back on 2019, Asking Questions on 2020". The discussion forum focused on the topics such as "How can the HR sector empower itself with technology, with the arrival of 5G?" Industry hot topics such as "New reforms in talent attraction and retention" were also discussed during side events. Over a thousand industry professionals gathered at the venue to discuss recent trends and share their insights.

In today’s era, businesses are paying increasing attention to the occupational credit background of job seekers, as it can reflect the job seeker’s credibility, professionalism, and so on more objectively. Thus, background checks are an optimal way to help companies identify and select suitable candidates. Competition between businesses is essentially the competition of talent, and background checks are a safe and efficient way to screen and select qualified individuals from the available talent pool, to ensure that companies can get a head start over their competitors.

CBI at the centre of attention

During the event, Central Business Information Limited (CBI) built a platform for sharing experience and trend insights with the attendees. Professional consultants from CBI addressed questions from guests, such as questions on the importance of background checks, patiently.

As a professional third-party background investigation company, CBI relies on its unique and personalised business solutions to help businesses mitigate the risks of recruitment, and meet the needs of its respective partners in various industries. The company has helped hundreds of businesses reduce risk in the hiring process and reduce employment costs with their professional background check services.

Looking at the overall industry and the economic environment, it seems to be full of disorder, instability, and other issues. How do executives in enterprise human resources management find a balance under such simmering tensions? How can businesses embrace digital transformation? How to adapt quickly to market demands by adjusting the modes of management? CBI has always paid attention to the latest development and trends in the human resources sector, so as to optimise its product offerings, and adapt to the trends of the industry. Offline, CBI has been a first mover in changing the inherent conventions of the industry; while online, it has developed an innovative modern service platform, as the company strives to keep up with the times.

Efficient human resources are one of the key factors for a company's success, and the strategic management of talents under the global perspective will be the biggest driver for the future development of businesses, which will also begin to pay more attention to the standardised management of their employees. Such changes will inject fresh blood into the human resources industry, and it also indicates that background checks will become the new norm in corporate recruiting.

During this annual meeting, CBI spared no efforts in addressing questions from human resources practitioners. The company also shared the key insights related to conducting background checks, and their professional service and sincere attitude were well received by the guests present at the event. Looking back to 2019, CBI had won various prominent awards in the human resources industry, which reflects human resources partners’ faith and acknowledgement of CBI. Looking ahead to 2020, CBI will continue to empower businesses by boosting their recruitment decisions. The company will continue to proactively advocate for businesses to establish a risk management system for talents, and work together with business partners, to facilitate reform and transformation in the human resources industry.