Our Strength

Unique Method

  • Fresh investigation
  • Visit and confirm
  • Local expertise, international standard
  • All-round method

Unique Data

  • 28 million litigation records of China businesses
  • 250,000 business credit reports
  • Business information network in 214 countries

Unique Production Line

Complete production line including

  • Customer service
  • Information channel
  • Investigation
  • Site visit
  • Audit
  • Translation

Unique System

  • Developed by CBI, Corporate Individual Integrated System (CIIS) is the most advanced integrated system in the industry. It can collect, process and analyze business and individual information, and recognize the connection and relationship of related parties.
    CIIS is equipped with a powerful tool - infoGuard, which can locate abnormal data and differentiate inconsistent records.
  • Recording system monitors every single procedure of investigation.
  • XML Gateway enables any delivery method to meet the client's preference .