Incorporated in 1996, Central Business Information Limited (CBI) is a global business information company with operations in China, China Hong Kong and 214 countries around the world.

We offer a full range of services including Due Diligence, Business Credit Report, Employment Screening, Asset Search, Business Verification and Site Investigation for different business sectors and industries. With our local expertise and experience in many regions, we deliver accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date business intelligence to clients instantly and directly, helping them make the right decisions and take the best actions.

CBI currently operates six established offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi’an and Penang with over 350 staff members. Each department is led by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who deliver premium service to clients.

CBI works with clients to develop innovative services by combining technology, expertise and industry knowledge. Our competitive edges not only include a wide range of products and geographic coverage, we also provide ongoing post-sales services to make sure every single need of clients will be fully satisfied. With our in-house IT division, we have developed the most advanced integrated system in the industry to collect, process and analyze business and individual information for our various products.

Over the years, our teams have built a strong client base - including the world's largest C.P.A. firms, law firms, investment institutions, commercial banks, listed companies and government authorities - that have been counting on CBI for quality business information in many aspects.

At CBI, we are committed to helping clients build the safe and impartial business environment that is constructed on a foundation of timely and accurate information.


We maintain honest, direct, and loyal relations with clients.


We are committed to helping clients prevent risks and build trust.


We listen to clients, find out what they need and bring them effective solutions.


We help clients meet the commercial challenges by constantly creating innovative ways of gathering facts, and turning those data into strategic business insights.


We strive to protect our independence from any interference.


We devote our excellence to all we do and are committed to setting new standards for the research profession.

HKMA Quality Award 2018
Special Award for Established and Medium Enterprises

The HKMA Quality Award brings public recognition to
organizations that have achieved outstanding quality
standards and are committed to quality management.
CBI received the honour for its focused pursuant in
providing quality business information to customers
through its stringently-governed investigation processes
and systems.


SME Award

Hong Kong Business Awards has been the renowned honours
programme for businesses and leaders since 1990. CBI was
awarded the SME category in recognition of the brand's
entrepreneurial vision and contribution.


APEA 2017
Professional & Business Services Industry

Mr. Ray Chan, President and founder of CBI,
was awarded the Professional & Business Services Industry
of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2017 organized
by Enterprise Asia to recognize his outstanding
entrepreneurial excellence.


Caring Company 2016-2021

CBI has been awarded Caring Company for five consecutive
years to acknowledge the conmpany's efforts and
contributions for the well-being of the communities
and the environment.


Good MPF Employer 2014-2021

CBI has been labeled Good MPF Employer for seven consecutive
years for the company's endeavour in providing enhanced
retirement protection to its employees.



Family-friendly Employers 2015-2018
Distinguished Family-friendly Employers

CBI was awarded the Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers
for its well-designed and tailored family-friendly employment
policies and practices (FFEPPs).



ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme 2019 - 2020
The Employees Retraining Board (ERB)

CBI was awarded for its outstanding achievements in manpower
training and development as Manpower Developers (MDs).



Equal Opportunity Employer Recognition Scheme 2021
Equal Opportunity Employer for Family Status Equality

CBI was awarded for its efforts and commitment to the values of
equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.


2018-2019 China Recruiting and Staffing Solution Provider Value Awards
China Top 10 Reference Check Service Providers

Winning the award for two years in a row is a reaffirming
proof of CBI's achievement in the reference check industry
where we have been working meticulously for the past 20 years.


Best HR Service Providers
in Greater China 2018-2019

"The 14th Best Human Resources Service Providers in Greater China"
organized by HRoot, a leading HR media company, is currently the
most authoritative HR service assessment event in the country. CBI
has won the Best HR Service Providers in Greater China 2018-2019,
now for two years in a row, demonstrated market recognition as an
outstanding performer in various segments of the HR industry.


China HR Pioneer Awards 2019
Best Reference Check Providers 2019

CBI's expertise in reference check helps companies avoid and
manage risks in talent search. Our services ensure acquisition
process well-guarded and company may develop and moves forward
smoothly. CBI was awarded the Best Reference Check Providers
awarded by TopHR,which demonstrates the strength and
authoritativeness of our quality services.


China BOLE Outstanding Human Resources Award 2019
Outstanding Reference Check Service Providers

Having stood out from more than 120 companies and 200 human
resources service agencies after rounds of screening, CBI was
proud to be selected as an Outstanding Reference Check Service
Provider by the China BOLE Outstanding Human Resources Award.
This marks the milestone of CBI's achievement with the recognition
and support received from players in the HR industry.