Site Investigation

As the leading firm in this field of work, we are specialized in the management of complex and high-volume site investigations with quick turnaround time. This is made possible with our advisory team and our ability to mobilize investigators worldwide for smooth execution.


Engaging overseas business partners and third parties can be risky and challenging when verification of their existence and scale of operations is not present. Depending on the jurisdictions and industries, small to medium-sized companies do not always have sufficient online profile indicative of its operational existence. Moreover, description of product and service offerings including operational scale and coverage may sometimes be difficult to verify without a physical visit to the company's premise either conducted discreetly or as an arranged visit. Site investigation tailored to the company's business scope can often detect signs of operational abnormalities and intentional misrepresentation of the company's existence and scale. This is an effective way to avoid the risk of falling prey to any fraudulent schemes while identifying red flags that often go unnoticed with traditional research. Compared to the conventional approach to due diligence, a site investigation will present a complete picture of the day-to-day business activities to identify and clear up any falsities and dispel fallacies.

    • Operational existence and scale are two essential areas to investigate in order to properly evaluate the business model of any business. Site investigation serves as the basis of assessing the reasonableness of its operating scale and financial figures.

    • To achieve the verification of operating process, CBI utilizes local expertise and experienced professionals to conduct on-site inspection including operating scale verification, asset inspection and management interview. 

      Where physical site inspection become infeasible, our Remote Due Diligence services utilizing real-time video technology support remote site visit for our clients. Our experienced due diligence experts provide tailor-made site visit plans and checklists in cope with various industries facilitate the fulfillment of specific industry requirements for site inspection. Where necessary, we support our clients to conduct interviews with management and operating staff for gaining a more in-depth understanding of the operation of the subject company.

      From the planning and execution stages of the site investigation, CBI is capable to provide full technical support and logistic arrangements with our clients and other professional parties.

    • Up to present, including our Remote Due Diligence services, CBI's site investigators have conducted around 93,000 site investigation for the verification of the existence of operation for our clients, covering IPO and M&A projects and different business transactions. Our site investigation team is led by site investigators which have over 15 years of practical experience.

      In many of our completed site visit cases, we have successful identified the important negative issues and red flags regarding operational status, asset and inventory status and existence/ validity of commercial documents of the company subject, which provided our clients with the true picture of the operation status of the subject company.

    • CBI offers a wide variety of Site Inspection services to cater clients' needs to gain an in-depth understanding and verification of business existence. To cater different clients' needs and requirements in site visit, CBI offers the following specific site visit products:

      • Existence & Operation Inspection
      • Virtual Tour
      • Product Inspection
      • Event Inspection
      • Stock Taking
      • Bank Confirmation Retrieval
      • Credit Report Retrieval
      • Document Retrieval
      • Document Inspection
      • Customer Flow Counting
      • Survey
      • Exhibition Inspection

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