Enhanced Due Diligence

Our risk-based approach with the use of extensive source channels provides the information clients need to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment for critical business decisions.


Any significant business engagement or transaction should warrant an in-depth due diligence investigation to uncover relevant compliance, regulatory, legal and reputational risks, oftentimes involving the understanding and dismantling of complex network of individuals and companies. The key to conducting comprehensive research, processing and analyzing a high volume of data in an effective manner lies in the utilization of powerful tools for data search and extraction from multiple sources and channels. Meanwhile, the application of industry, regulatory, and country expertise is crucial in the prioritization and contextualization of findings.

Our Enhanced Due Diligence covers M&A Due Diligence, Pre-IPO Due Diligence, Customer Due Diligence, Supplier Due Diligence, Distributor Due Diligence and Human Resources Due Diligence which support M&A, IPO and other business needs of our clients. We also customize investigations for specific scopes to suit clients' needs under unique circumstances.

    • Endeavoring to address growing concerns in the sufficiency and quality of IPO due diligence, regulators have taken a far more aggressive approach to evaluating listings application and have put in place numerous IPO requirements to encourage greater risk management amongst sponsors. Stronger steps towards the development of a culture of robust risk management and greater transparency are noted.

      CBI recognizes the importance of an early and comprehensive Pre-IPO Due Diligence is the key to fulfill the expectation of regulators. In cope with the regulators' expectation on the standards of Pre-IPO Due Diligence, our approach centers on:

      • Early Pre-IPO Due Diligence scope advisory
      • Extensive independent search and verification methodologies
      • Focus on negative and notable issues relating to the Subject
      • Identification of red flags related to the listing application
    • Having considered the regulators' expectations and a wide variety of risk factors in Pre-IPO due diligence, our Pre-IPO Due Diligence is built up by the following core elements in our due diligence work:

      • Local Expertise in respect of the areas of language, culture, society, government, economy and media

      • Industry Expertise in respect of business nature, business model, market overview and regulations

      • Intelligence Expertise in respect of international database, local database, government and non-government sources, regulatory and professional body sources and public and private sources

      • Research Expertise in respect of correlation analysis on the business existence, business relationships, progressive search methodologies and fact check 

      • Investigative Expertise in respect of discreet and unannounced site visit, mystery customer, customer flow counting and vehicle flow counting, transaction counting and non-discreet site visit including interview, customer survey, stock-taking and document inspection


      Throughout our due diligence process, we undertake inquiries into red flags and key issues with our in-house investigative experts, using experienced industry sources, media/ social media sources, global compliance database, reputation intelligence, customer survey, government/ non-government organizations, regulatory bodies. The scope goes beyond the Subject itself to its business stakeholders including but not limited to suppliers, customers, distributors, franchisee, consignee, competitors and investors.

    • CBI's team of Pre-IPO Due Diligence consultants have extensive due diligence and investigative experiences throughout the IPO process. Our in-house technical division keeps our internal professionals and clients abreast of the latest regulatory due diligence requirements and constantly develop new due diligence methodologies to address our clients' needs. Our Pre-IPO Due Diligence consultants have extensive experience in pre-IPO advisory and due diligence, financial audit, forensic investigation and IPO vetting.

      Whatever the context, CBI's Pre-IPO Due Diligence team can help our clients to identify and mitigate IPO risks before they materialize with our proven effective and unique blend of investigative experience. Our due diligence methodologies and approaches are intended to secure in the knowledge that the IPO due diligence process will be managed in the utmost confidence and according to the highest regulatory standards.

      Our targeted clients for Pre-IPO Due Diligence include sponsor firms, corporate finance firms, financial advisors, private equity firms, hedge and alternative asset funds, law firms, and corporations.

    • Rather than just examining the financial statements and legal documents of a listing applicant, our Pre-IPO Due Diligence closely examines business profile and background, people, assets, operating scale and business stakeholders of the listing applicant. Our services start with comprehensive data mining of publicly available materials and online resources, public records, regulatory filings, media/ social media records, research reports, court orders, announcements and reports issued by government/ non-government organizations and regulatory and professional bodies. Our  Pre-IPO Due Diligence consists of the following due diligence scope and we can tailor our approach and scope of work based on any specific client requirements: 

      • Business Operation and Existence
      • Business Sustainability
      • Profile of Controlling Shareholders 
      • Profile of Directors and Senior Management
      • Profile of Major Customers and Suppliers
      • Profile of Distributor, Franchisee and Consignee
      • Inspection of Assets and Site Visit
      • Litigation, Regulatory Compliance and Sanctions
      • Reputational Review
      • Ultimate Beneficial Owner Check
      • Independence Check

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