Employment Screening

Our robust verification methodology developed and refined over the years has proven to be instrumental in the detection of dishonest and fraudulent candidates worldwide.


Verifying the credentials of a job applicant is crucial to minimizing recruitment costs concerning training, hiring replacement, productivity impact, preparation by HR and interviewers involved in each procedure. Unapparent costs associated with compliance and reputational risks which are often neglected can prove to be costly once the damage is done. Any discrepancy or slight dishonesty in the application should warrant a closer look at the candidate's background. In particular, the impact of leadership or senior management roles can be immense in the culture and the reputation of the company. Due care should be taken in screening for noncompliance, convictions and potential conflict of interests when hiring or promoting existing employees into these roles.

    • CBI is committed to helping our clients understand the background of and hidden issues about a potential candidate or existing employee. We offer different packages for executive and non-executive roles based on the risk they present to the employer. To cope with the increasing expectations and requirements on reference check on top management and key personnel, we offer a robust and wide coverage approach consisting of:

      • All-rounded search on individual background, academic and work experience
      • Comprehensive search on litigation, bankruptcy, and non-compliance, and media records
      • Reputation intelligence
    • CBI recognizes a comprehensive reference check on individual shareholders, executive directors, non-executive independent directors and senior management is considered one of the most important and critical due diligence areas in the employment vetting process. Our employment screening is designed to verify the accuracy of the biography and identify hidden negative issues of an individual subject. 

      Our employment screening covers the verification of education, employment and qualifications of an individual subject. Utilizing over 50,000 search and verification databases and information sources, service capacity covering over 687 cities, 31 provinces and autonomous regions in Mainland China; across 214 countries and regions globally, which collects, processes, analyzes individual data for due diligence, we conduct litigation, irregularity and disciplinary action search and global compliance check to identify any negative records and issues relating to the individual subject. Where necessary, we conduct media/ social media search and reputation intelligence to identify any hidden negative issues about the individual subject. 

    • CBI's employment screening team has extensive experience in verifying biographies for middle and senior management, top executives and directors. Our in-house technical division keeps our internal professionals and clients abreast of the latest regulatory due diligence requirements in background and biography search and verification. Our employment screening team is led by employment screening experts which have over 15 years of practical experience.

    • To facilitate the process of minimizing recruitment risk and gaining an in-depth understanding of an individual subject, CBI offers the following products under our employment screening work:

      • Identity Vetting
      • Education Vetting
      • Employment Vetting
      • Performance Vetting
      • Qualification Vetting
      • Credit Vetting
      • Litigation Search
      • Criminal Record Search
      • Adverse Record Search

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